Well a big howdy to you!

Hope you had a fantastic summer!    We have enjoyed playing at the many markets and outdoor venues this summer – both as the duo and full band version.     The duo also ventured into playing at some seniors residences and community centres.  These events were both fun and rewarding.   We met so many wonderful people who weren’t shy to come up and say “Hi” and chat.   I could just imagine my dear grandma sitting there in the crowd.   Sadly, she never got to see me play, but she watches me now and I know she was tapping her fingers at those events.

We look forward to a couple more markets and events at the Loghouse Pub as well as the Pro Pat legion.  We’ll be in search of more places to play so let us know if you know of any.    In the meantime, we will learn more material, and keep trying  to write some new songs!

Take care friends.  Hope our paths cross soon.